The joy of the woods

There is a saying – “you can’t see the forest for the trees.” Though the saying itself has to do with a myopic vision that misses the big picture, I would say that there is another way to look at it. Or at least a positive spin to be put on the same context.

The fact is that much of the stress of every day life can be attributed to the big picture. To the forest as it were. When you jump on a bike and disappear into the forest your vision narrows. The big worries of the day disappear into the limited sitelines and the need to get from point a to point be while keeping your wits about you.

Of course this is speaking from the point of view of someone who is treating riding the trails as a high powered way to deal with stress. Pushing the physical limits that have held one back so far. But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t value in doing the same thing from a place of peace. Of casually riding through the woods and taking the time to appreciate the beauty of nature for the wonder that it is.

It is hard to truly appreciate nature when you are trying hard not to let nature jump up and bit you in the ass. But that is not a way of looking at things that is right for everyone, though it might do everyone good to spend a little time with that attitude just to learn to appreciate how much that take no prisoners attitude can mean when it comes to taking on and overcoming the challenges that come with living in the modern day world.

Well that’s me getting carried away again. I will try to keep ┬áthat sort of preachiness to a minimum from here on out. No guarantees though.