Upping the Mental Game

mental game pic

Being motivated is hard. Or should I say there is a challenge inherent in trying to keep yourself motivated.

It’s important for two reasons. The first is that you need motivation to get yourself on a schedule and keep with it. The second is that you need motivation each and every day to keep your workouts performing at the level you want them at.

That is why, in addition to working out you need to work on your mental game.  That is why, in every area where self improvement is desired, self help books are always best sellers. Use them and any other tool you can. Join a group, get a mentor, hire a coach. Whatever works for you will be well worth the time and expense in the long run.

How many times have you started and exercise routine, started a diet, decided to get things done, and then in a few weeks or months, somehow, it all went by the wayside? It’s not just you, it’s the human condition.

Which is not to say that failure is not on you. It is. So this time, in the days when your workout is new and your motivation is off the charts, put success on the front burner along with the new bike, or the new shoes, or the new exercise routine.

Don’t go it alone and then when things start to taper off go and find some book or guru to help you out of your funk. By then it’s too late.

Make a mental workout part of your routine from the very beginning.

Here’s on example of a guide to get you started. The Champion’s Mind. That’s not the only applicable text, but if you don’t have a clue, you can start there.

Much like raising children, fill your mind with good information that you might not use now, but will come to you in your time of need.

It is important that when self defeatist talk inches it’s way between you and good health, that you have the tools ready to recognize it and combat it. So read not to fix things now, read so you are prepared to do combat with yourself when the time arises.