It is not always right to assume that media broadcasting houses are the only effective ways to advertise your business. You can also explore other cheaper and time-saving methods and reach a wide group of clients. This doesn’t mean that you should not advertise your business on other platforms. Business cards are effective tools of making new clients know what you offer and where you are located. This then requires you to identify professional card printers in your area to make good cards for you. With the kind of business card printing Brisbane has to offer, you have no excuse for not having quality business cards in your handbag, wallet or in your car. However, it’s critical to watch out for the following business card mistakes that some business people often make:

Printing Cards with Small Fonts

While this may be cost-effective in terms of reducing printing papers, it may be disadvantageous in many ways. For instance, not everyone you will come across will have a good vision for the tiny numerical figures and letters in that small card. Even if you use big pieces or printing papers and reduce the font, many people would struggle to read the information written. If you print cards that your potential clients would hardly read on their own, you are looking for trouble. Ensure the numbers and letters in those cards are visible and legible. Check out Auzprint for more details.

Omitting or Giving Unreliable Addresses

Of course, you expect to meet some people who don’t resist curiosity at any given time. The first thing they do once they get your cards is calling or emailing for clarity and quick responses. Always ensure that the emails, phone contacts and web address you give are reliable at any time. You shouldn’t give the phone contacts and addresses of your spouse, wife or relative who are not fully committed to the business. Most potential clients find it disgusting when they make unanswered calls or email someone and receive no response.

Using Poor Quality Printing Papers

The quality of the printing papers matters a lot just as the information you put in those cards does. Printing quality information on poor quality papers is equally ineffective. Most clients don’t just concentrate on the quality of information on your cards, but also on the quality of paper they are holding. Any business card printing Brisbane offers integrates the quality of both the paper and content.

Including Tag Lines or Brand Promises

In business, you don’t promise clients what you won’t offer. Don’t rush into making brand promises to attract and please your potential clients without considering the practicality of the same. Attaching those promises in your business cards may only harm your business in the long run. Most business people who are major consumers of the business card printing Brisbane has today may caution you against this.

Excluding Links that Connect to Your Social Media Sites

It is always a great thing to include your YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook links on your business cards. Most people will follow or interact with you on these sites for more information concerning what they got from the cards. It’s a good way to make people know where to find you as well as to know more about your business when it’s convenient for them to do so.

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